CV Translation Service


Resume / CV Translation To English

If you will be applying for jobs in the UK, you will be asked to submit a CV or Resume in English, or you will need to complete an application form. If you already have a CV, we can translate it into English for you.

We use the latest software to make an intelligent translation of your CV, so that the grammar is correct once the translation has taken place.

Copy and paste the text you want translated into the box below, and complete your details. Then click ‘Apply Now’. You will be taken to the payment page. Once we have received confirmation of your payment, we will go ahead and translate the text you have submitted. This will be emailed back to you within 2 working days.

CV Writing Tips

If possible, you should tailor your CV for each job application and the best place to do this is in the ‘Personal Profile’ at the top.

These are the points to include in a standard CV:

  • Name – larger font than rest of text, normally centred at the top.
  • Contact Details – address, telephone, email, normally centred under your name.
  • Personal Profile – Short paragraph about you. Write in the first person (I am…) and use suitable adjectives (I am hard-working, etc). Don’t waffle as no-one will read it and then might miss the good stuff about you.
  • Employment History – Most recent at the top. Include company name, job title, brief description of duties, dates. Consider if you need to just list the years for your jobs or the months and years. Of course, if there’s a gap you will be asked about this at the interview so be prepared.
  • Education and Qualifications – List most recent studies first and include back to High School qualifications.
  • Training/Courses – List appropriate extra training you’ve undertaken that didn’t mean a qualification, 1 day Customer Service course.
  • Skills – Optional section but can include a bullet list of skills such as languages, IT knowledge, driving licence, etc.
  • References – Optional section but if you have space include the name and contact details of two people willing to give you a reference. References are usually needed for job applications but it’s not crucial to add the details to your CV.

You may note it’s not necessary to include your date of birth, citizenship, marital status but you can include these, if you so desire.